What is this post?

Writer confessions¬†probably isn’t the right term, but the idea is – in this post you could talk more about your writing process. Describe your typical day; the things you wrestle with, the things you must have in your writing arena. Your writing space should be an extension of your author platform, not only to keep you inspired, but as a visual cue to readers.

Do we have to?

If your writer space is messy, just mention a few of the key objects you rely on; you can even use pics from the manufacturer’s website. You *could* also use affiliate links to products you recommend, but unless you’re driving tons of traffic, this probably won’t be a strong source of revenue – it’s better to get something done quickly than procrastinate because you haven’t added in all the fancy stuff.


My confessions:

  • Two characters in two different books quote the same passage from Keats in dialogue
  • I sometimes mix up my characters’ names – even across series
  • I need a plate of cookies and a cup of coffee or tea; or ideally a beautiful coffee shop with cake
  • Background noise distracts me (I can’t even have someone walk into my field of vision when writing) so I have a huge pair of noise-cancelling Sony headphones, my wife hates them because she’ll have to yell to get my attention. When writing, I listen to soft indie folk music or trans/techno music (all beat, no lyrics).
  • I’m much better at plotting and editing than I am at getting the first rough draft down into words, but I’m working on increasing my writing speed.
  • One time I hid under the table at the London Comicon rather than talk with readers.
  • I’m a cat person. We’ve had several small black cats named Xiao Hei (little black). One of them got sick, and I couldn’t bear to have the vet put him down, so he had two good weeks at home before dying in what I assume was agonizing pain in the yard. Still one of the big regrets of my life.
  • Sometimes I lie awake at night musing on all the stories I’ll never have time to tell.
  • I LOVE rain and thunderstorms, but only from the safety of a front porch with a nice view.


Now it’s your turn

What interesting details can you “confess” about your own writing process?