Some people say you need a press kit on your author website.

I don’t agree, but it’s not a big deal. Add one if you like. But I probably wouldn’t put it on the main menu; I’d hide it a little bit. Most people won’t need it. What’s a presskit? It’s a bunch of professional information about you, that people can download if they are writing an article about you (bio, high resolution author photos, contact information, etc). You should have all that stuff on your website anyway and it should be more than enough for people to write online articles about you, and print is mostly dead.

If you are lucky enough to get a feature in a magazine or an ad or something, it’s probably going to be because you initiated contact, in which case you’ll be emailing them all those things. Random journalists aren’t going to stop by your site and decide to write an article about you unless:

1) You’re getting a ton of targeted traffic and have a powerful story that’s relevant to a target demographic/organization/group

2) You’re selling hundreds of thousands of books

3) It’s a local interest piece, from your city/state newspaper.

You still need to have a pretty powerful story behind you.

Anyway,  wouldn’t worry about this one.