This is a contact page – it’s actually not necessary for most author websites, but it’s common. If my menu got too busy, I would hide it under the “about me” menu as a subcategory, and I could link to it from my About page. “Contact Form 7” is a great WordPress plugin to make forms like this, that will forward messages to your email.

You want to make yourself available. You don’t want to make it impossible for people to find your email address or contact you. But it also isn’t the most important thing on your site (few people will actually contact you – and you don’t really want them to! You want them to buy your book or sign up to your list, so those are priorities).


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Ps) You could also add a phone number or email address (derekmurphy @ somewhere on this page in case the form doesn’t work, but you want to be a little careful about your private info as well. A phone number is usually required for business sites; and Google will probably rank you a little better if you have a phone number, contact email, and also a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on your site, so you might as well have them, but make them little links on your site. They can be in the footer, not in the main menu.