This is the Books page. If you have more than one, each could get its own page, and you could link to each separately from the menu. I might do that, if I had several different series. But even then, I’d probably prefer to have one central ‘Books’ page like this with short summaries, descriptions, reviews for each book, links to Amazon and a link to read the excerpt, or for more details.

That way they can find what they are looking for quickly. You want your books to look amazing, so you need a great book cover and can consider getting some 3D mockups made – you can hire someone cheap on, or there are some online tools you can use.


This is the novel I’m working on now. I like the 3D pics and the background; I think graphics like these can really make your book desirable. But if you have a beautiful book cover, it might be better to just use the full cover, with no special effects. Don’t make it too small.

The images should link directly to Amazon, or at least a page with more details.

could put buy buttons here, though I would probably instead add a great review from someone famous (I’m going to try and get Amanda Hocking to review my novel when it’s ready). And then I’d say,

Click here to read an excerpt.

And I’d link to an excerpt page, and then put “buy now” buttons at the bottom (probably – although the stronger play would be to make that first book for free, on Amazon, get them to go buy it on Amazon, and review it, and sign up to your list in exchange for book two. Then you’ve put them in your funnel and can get them to buy the rest of the books in the series for a higher price.

To make buy now buttons, I could just add an image link and import some images like this:

Amazon-Button-Customer-Reviews Amazon-preorder imgresefe

You can find a bunch of those online if you search. Or you can make your own that match your site’s style a little better.




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