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Derek Murphy, PHD

Creative Rebel & Gentleman Scholar

I was reading Plato in Middle School and spent my weekends carrying home piles of books from the library, which I stayed up all night to read, fueled by contraband snacks. Writing was my first love, but I got distracted for a decade with fine art – enthralled by the ability to create scenes with nothing but pigment. When I finished a portrait in high school the night before leaving to Malta for three years to study philosophy, and my painting looked back at me with a fierce gaze, I was smitten.

However after years as a starving artist, supported mostly by a government stipend to study literature in Taiwan, I realized that True Art was more than doing what I loved; and that value was measured by how much my work impacted other people.

In 2012 I started my blog Creativindie, then got into self-publishing – first as an editor, then a cover designer. Finally, fed up with working on good books that nobody read, I figured out sales and marketing – and eventually realized I could do everything myself instead of helping other authors publish. These days, I write my own books, and build tutorials, resources, tools and courses to help indie authors succeed, without getting scammed by worthless author services.


“Live your life by a compass not a clock.” – Stephen Covey

I was ravaged by wanderlust early, after our family hosted dozens of exchange students growing up. At 16 I moved to Argentina, and after one final year in the USA, I moved abroad for a lifetime of adventure. Fascinated with foreign languages, ancient civilizations and exotic cultures, I traveled fast and hard, before finally settling in Taiwan to focus on my studies and wait for the world to catch up with me. Now, thanks to a growing community of digital nomads and the ability to make money online, I can travel full-time without the isolation or uncertainty.

Since earning my PhD in Literature, and getting married on a beach in Hawaii, I’m devoted to creative pursuits and improving my craft, so I can finish my Best Work in the most inspirational locations possible.


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Geeking Out

I’m kind of a fan…

I’m a few years older than the average Millenial, and didn’t get into Harry Potter until I was in my 20’s. I did, however, write my Master’s thesis on religious symbolism in the Harry Potter series and now I write YA fantasy. So yeah, I’m kind of a fan (one time I stole all the movie posters to redecorate my living room, and then dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween. It might have been overkill).


Talking about art… in CHINESE!


I learned Spanish quickly when I was younger. Chinese was more of a struggle. I got kicked out of Chinese classes because I could speak fine but refused to learn how to draw the traditional characters by hand (rather than just recognize/identify them on the computer). My ability plateaued, and I’m no longer fluent in either language, though I can still understand a lot.

Need some help?

I’ve made TONS of resources to help indie authors self-publish (and become one of the 1% of writers who are actually making a living). In my experience, there are only three things you need to get right: the book, the platform, and the audience. I have three separate courses tackling these issues… and right now you can get them altogether at a huge discount. 

“The prevalence of your many topics, the plentiful resources, and the imagination of the time that you must have put into establishing it is astonishing.”

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“It’s not just what you say, but how you say it – you add value with every graphic, quote or example that you give to make your point. You don’t just tease, and say “buy this to find out more.” Thank you for your informative and inspiring posts.” 

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“I have learned a massive amount since finding you two weeks ago. You’re not a smart ass, but you are dangerously real for those who’ve forgotten that character trait.” 

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