I’ve been meaning to write one of these for years – they are easy and can be fun ways to share information: make a list of lesser known, interesting facts about yourself and your life. Include some pictures if you want to. It won’t get search traffic, but it’s good content to share with your list later and engage them by asking them so respond or post one of their own secrets.

  1. I was the star of my highschool musicals
  2. I used to polevault
  3. I can understand Spanish and Chinese, but speak haltingly.
  4. I spent summers at scout camp as a goodwill ambassador and crafts instructor.
  5. I eat too many cookies
  6. I once bawled in public at the airport over a girl
  7. this is harder than I thought it would be
  8. I spent my Junior year of high school as an exchange student to Argentina, and fell in love with mate (tea), empanadas (the best kind are with meat and olives).
  9. I went to school in Malta for fine art and philosophy, then studied classical painting at the Angel academy in Florence for a semester.
  10. After that, I ran an outdoor school kitchen and taught kids about nature for a year.
  11. I moved to Taiwan to teach English, after getting a teaching certificate in Barcelona, and – after getting rejected twice, finally enrolled for a Masters, then a PhD program at Taiwan’s #1 school.
  12. My favorite places ever are Oregon, Argentina, Bali and Malta (maybe? It’s been a long time, I need to go back and revisit).
  13. I gave myself my first tattoos. They still look pretty good. They’re astrology symbols for Jupiter and Saturn: they’re my two ruling planets.
  14. I believe in astrology (though I dislike the term “believe” – I think there are measurable, repeatable effects with a statistical significance). It makes sense to me and interests me.

15. I have weak teeth, and after getting screwed by a crappy dentist, a very nice one gave me a bunch of dental implants without charging. I try to repay the favor whenever I see someone struggling.

16. Most of my early fiction is based on real places, mythology or history. I do a lot of research, and we’ve even spent time in Northern Ireland / Eastern Bulgaria for research trips.

17. I’m fascinated by ancient civilization, megalithic structures, and all things ancient.

39… I’m currently 39 years old, and still struggling with adulthood.